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   To ensure message “buy-in”, EVI and TD agreed that the presentation content should be delivered from multiple viewpoints: Corporate leadership, partners, advisor representatives and importantly...customers. To accomplish that goal in a limited timeframe required a creative
weaving of the storyline into a combination of live executive presentations, pre-produced media and panel discussions. In the end, over 15 key personnel were captured on videotape, succinctly articulating crucial message points from their unique perspectives. These pre-recorded segments were inserted into live keynotes to demonstrate the open, integrated and all-inclusive approach.
On-camera segments were produced at multiple locations utilizing the RED Epic camera system, enabling the team to format the visuals for the super LED widescreen at extreme resolution.
Completely conceived and produced within an incredibly short four-week timeframe, the Launch of TD US Wealth was another great example of how EVI delivers high-quality, front to back solutions for its clients.

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