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            As with any organizational restructuring, before external success can be achieved, complete internal acceptance must be won. TD joined forces with EVI to create an engaging experiential event to demonstrate to its frontline team the visionary plan, overcome perceived challenges and set a solid expectation that “This is Happening”.
The venue for the launch was the ultra contemporary TD Theater in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, an intimate setting for 300 TD Wealth Advisors, Partners and Employees.
To deliver an innovative visual “punch”, EVI installed a hi-res, 4.8mm cinematic LED widescreen across the full span of the theater deck. This beautiful media display served as the cornerstone of the complete staging, lighting and sound technical solution.
The team took full script-to-screen responsibility for every second of show content...delivering a full-blown array of multimedia including keynote presentations, thematic 3-D animated opener and closer, on-camera video interviews and animated transitional and continuity motion graphics. Multimedia sources we’re blended seamlessly onto the LED surface via high-powered media servers to deliver a smooth, cohesive and impactful programming experience.

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