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  TD Wealth
US Launch Event – Evolution
The EVI team recently partnered with TD Bank to produce a significant event in the company’s history, the official internal launch of the TD
US Wealth division. The launch represented an evolution...and a convergence of dynamic forces in the truest sense.
Accordingly, EVI crafted the event creative around the word...Evolution: a dynamic forward progression in which something changes into a different and usually more complex or
better form.
Over the past decade, TD has indeed evolved, rapidly coming to the forefront as a Top Ten US Bank. A multitude of factors have played-in to the growth...each presenting new opportunities, challenges to the existing business model and ultimately leading to a clarification of vision.
Quick growth has led to a broad expansion of the bank’s footprint and services, also creating a challenge in defining and then determining how to best serve its diverse customer base.
How will we compete?
What are the critical deliverables?
How will we converge and integrate our service offerings?
How do we better align and deliver the entire bank?
With strong leadership in place, TD has a created a dynamic plan to build a competitive offering... integrating the banking, investment, retirement, financial planning and estate planning needs of its customers into a contemporary, streamlined and efficient approach... TD US Wealth.

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