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 Kim Parlee, a respected Canadian financial journalist, television personality, and employee of TD
Bank served as the event Emcee. She brought an added sense of credibility
to the proceedings, and her scripted comments provided continuity between every presentation and demo. She encouraged audience interaction;
email and text accounts were set up to receive real-time comments from the audience. Periodically, their messages would appear on screen, and Kim would collect questions for a moderated Q&A with top TD Bank executives.
Each executive presentation was carefully scripted and supported with multimedia created by the EVI team. Woven together, the presentations and demos delivered a united message with continuity and a single voice that took the audience on a powerful journey – one that began with reservations, and ended with unbridled enthusiasm.
Audience surveys have been overwhelmingly positive (98%), making the Wealth Advisor 2.0 launch event
a resounding success. The careful positioning of the content and the contagious energy of the launch have boosted audience engagement for those who attended and beyond.
Most importantly, the skeptics have been converted into believers.
The TD Wealth management team is thrilled. They now have communication tools to leverage their investment into 2013 and beyond.

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