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EVI immediately assembled a team of creative writers, animators, producers to begin the intensive process of discovery, creative development, and execution. Based on the “POWER UP!” theme, we developed an overarching
set of creative and production solutions to support TD Bank’s communication goals and objectives.
• Theme development and logo artwork • Custom opening thematic modules
with original music
• Original “POWER UP!” animations • Product reveal videos
• Immersive multimedia
• Tightly scripted executive
• Professional host/moderator with
financial industry credibility
• Utilize audience smart phones
(comments and questions) for fully
interactive sessions
• TV studio style production and
• Electronic promotional campaign to
build enthusiasm
To write intelligent software demos and executive scripts, the EVI team learned the intricacies of wealth management and financial planning in record time. They partnered with the TD software development team, and studied the key features of each tool and workflow within Wealth Advisor 2.0. Then, EVI created four demos to showcase client onboarding, portfolio management, CRM, and reporting. They created wireframes and mockups that would be used to highlight features, and enlisted the animation team responsible for American Idol to create the graphics.
A communication strategy is pivotal to the success of any event – especially one with an audience who is skeptical of your message. The positioning of every creative element was carefully designed to overcome the non- believers, and generate enthusiasm and excitement that would cascade through the entire TD Wealth employee base.
At the Sony Center, the expansive “power” of Wealth Advisor 2.0
was represented in a massive 60’ projection screen filled with stunning high-definition video and graphics. Panoramic animations, multi-camera IMAG, and picture-in-picture windows created an almost limitless variety of “scenes.”
EVI produced a series of short, intimate videos in which real TD Wealth employees discussed their workflow challenges. These “challenge”
videos led directly into each demo presentation. Other videos were created to highlight the year in review and provide a glimpse into the future of Wealth Management at TD Bank.

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