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It would replace the aging desktop with an elegant, fully-integrated set
of applications and productivity tools designed to eliminate much of the paperwork, repetition and inefficiency within the daily process of financial accounts management. Managers, planners and advisors would be free
to spend more time with customers, and customers would also benefit from streamlined documents, clear reports, and more responsive service.
Wealth Advisor 2.0 was BIG news. It would transform the daily workflow for thousands of TD Bank employees. It needed a big introduction. TD Bank secured Sony Center in downtown
Toronto for an event on December
15, 2012. They invited 1,200 top performers from across Canada to attend. The word was out ... its coming. However, there were just three
small challenges to overcome.
• Skepticism
Those invited were highly successful individuals who knew that many competitors had more advanced productivity tools. They had to divide their time between selling and working around the shortcomings of the existing toolset. They were wary of empty promises. Would TD Bank really deliver this time?
• Functionality
Management wanted to showcase the best new features of Wealth Advisor 2.0, but several of the tools weren’t yet operational. They would be rolled out in stages over the course of a year. How would they convince the audience that Wealth Advisor 2.0 was real?
• Time
Venue availability, readiness of the software, and a desire to launch Wealth Advisor 2.0 before the end of 2012 drove the December 15 event date. TD Bank began discussions with EVI in mid-November - there wasn’t a moment to lose!

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