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The three-day event at the Waldorf Astoria in Boca Raton featured a full schedule of general sessions, breakout tracks, entertainment
and social gatherings. EVI provided a full complement of event production services including top to bottom project management, complete staging and technical, creative services and onsite show producing for general sessions and awards show.
One of the feature creative elements was
a dynamic show opener featuring a live drummer and DJ housed inside an onstage “human boom box”. The 3-D projection mapped box was constructed as an integrated piece of the main set. The performers jammed out a pre-show mash-up synced to an explosion of visual graphics mapped onto the boom box surface, creating great energy and enthusiasm leading up to the show open.
The performance was custom designed to support the “Ascend” event theme and serve as a springboard for the head of channel
sales to launch the meeting. The mapped graphics continued during the general session as visual support for keynote presentations and panel discussions. The set shifted to a different look and feel for Day Two, supporting “transformation” as one of the event sub themes. Contemporary, 3-D set pieces were incorporated into the structure, providing focal points for EVI lighting designers to create unique looks for each moment of the show.
The Partner Summit production is part of EVI’s year-round involvement as a long-term strategic event production partner with Intel Security.

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