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 Intel Security
Partner Summit 2016
Today’s digital security threats are more sophisticated and complex than ever. At the same time, computing advancements are opening up new possibilities for exploring, connecting, sharing, and building a better world. Intel Security focuses on security solutions that mitigate today’s risks
and anticipate tomorrow’s—solutions that not
only defend against attacks, but also enable us to explore the digital world without fear.
Intel Security is on a mission to make security integrated and ubiquitous. And with the broadest security portfolio, they’re well on their way. But they can’t do it alone. They count on their partners to deliver the solutions they passionately create.
Partner Summit, produced by Executive Visions, is an annual event designed to celebrate and strengthen the channel partner ecosystem. The event is attended by solution providers (reseller partners) and developer partners, who integrate or embed Intel Security’s technologies and deliver complementary technologies.
With the theme of “Ascend”, this crucially important live experience endeavored to build momentum, motivate partners to invest in Intel Security and accelerate the adoption of its technology, engage with executive leadership
and ensure a deeper understanding of corporate strategy, confirm the commitment to help partners build sustainable business models, and position Intel Security as the leader in the security market.

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