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General Session Environment
A dynamic and multi-sensory General Session staging environment placed keynote presenters at the center of a wall-to-wall, widescreen theater configuration. A high-tech, architectural staging design communicated strength and protection while reinforcing the ideas of connectivity
and networking.
The set featured an 18’ x 32’, floor to ceiling center screen. The widescreen effect expanded from there with additional projection surfaces to the left and right. From there, Martin LC LED panels extended to the edges of the room to create the desired audience surround experience. The multiple surfaces could work in unison for a seamless edge-to-edge look, or allow the projection of multiple media sources simultaneously.
Projection was all High Definition, allowing the creative team to deliver stunningly clear and robust visuals.
EVI produced three highly inventive, original HD video modules to set the creative mode for the general sessions.
A beautiful combination of custom 3-D animated graphics and High-Definition video, the modules were controlled and delivered to screen via state of the art media servers.
Lighting design featured an array of intelligent instruments designed to paint the environment with a multitude of looks, from speaker support to full-blown music entertainment for the closing night concert.
As usual for an EVI-produced event, the audio engineering was at the highest level and completed the multi-sensory audience experience.

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