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  • Keynotes from President Bill Clinton, McAfee CEO Dave DeWalt and others in a dynamic General Session environment.
• The General Session set was designed in the round and featured a wealth of custom High-Definition media projected on a main 18’x70’ panoramic screen, plus 6 additional surround screens. Watchout technology was used to create a seamless visual experience blending multiple HD media sources.
• Over 70 breakout sessions
• Numerous targeted networking activities
• Sponsor Expo featuring over 100 exhibits
• Global Partner Days
• The Executive Summit
• Unforgettable special events
EVI President and CEO Michael Marto provided some insight on what makes the conference so successful.
“First of all, McAfee is an amazing partner who values the power of the Focus platform as a communication and branding tool. They’re committed to using the event to their fullest advantage.
Second, the team is highly talented
and cohesive...nobody at McAfee or EVI is willing to settle for anything but the best result. We’re constantly analyzing every aspect of Focus, figuring out how we can improve, how we can make the attendee experience more compelling and how to maximize the return on the company’s investment.
And finally, Focus is very satisfying
to produce... we know we’re helping
to create an important exchange platform for a group of experts who are making a huge difference in protecting the way we do business in such an interconnected world.”

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