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  IWC Schaffhausen
The Sound of Color with Hans Zimmer
Watches and Wonders
Watches and Wonders...the global watchmaking summit extraordinaire, is a vast salon of creativity and innovation. Held annually in Geneva, Switzerland, the 2022 event drew 22,000 visitors to the city’s bustling Palexpo Center.
For IWC Schaffhausen, an iconic brand in the
world of luxury watchmaking, and a lead exhibitor, Watches and Wonders is a primary focus of its marketing and branding efforts. This year’s headline was the company’s newly launched TOP GUN
Pilot’s watches collection. IWC specializes in highly engineered technical watch cases, manufactured from advanced materials coupled with magnificently beautiful design. For the TOP GUN Collection, IWC’s creative specialists engineered five striking new ceramic colors and crafted timepieces in stunning, monochromatic designs. Each color
draws inspiration from fundamental
elements of the TOP GUN U.S.
Naval Aviation School.

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