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  David Foster & Friends:
A Musical Celebration for the McDonald’s Worldwide Convention Orlando 2012.
It’s springtime in Orlando, and the McDonald’s Worldwide Owner/Operators are in town, 15,000 of them from every corner of the globe.
Even for one of the ultimate conven- tion destinations, this is big. There’s a buzz in the air when McDonald’s does an event. The tradition of excel- lence with the McDonald’s producing team runs deep, and the expectations of attendees are high, especially for the final night entertainment special. In the world of corporate productions, this is the pinnacle.
For a group that has seen and done
it all, ordinary doesn’t move the needle, and that’s why since 1995 McDonald’s has made a habit of calling on it’s music producing dream team...David Foster and Executive Visions. One hundred and eighty degrees from “off the shelf”, the
team is famous for striking a custom mix that could only be designed and arranged by one of the world’s great- est record producers. Take the hottest current artists, like country superstar Keith Urban, American Idol pop rocker
Kelly Clarkson and R&B smoothster Ruben Studdard. Add in the legendary Seal, with Foster at the piano, LA’s finest session musicians and a full orchestra, and you’ve got a blockbuster show that will never be repeated. Not your typical concert pairing, but then again, when the “Hitman” takes the stage, the rules get broken and ordinary gets thrown out the window. Factor in the collaboration of Kindle Communications and you have a recipe for ultimate success.
Musically speaking, anything goes with this level of talent on deck, and surprises abound. For example, when Seal is “feeling it” and decides to improvise the hit “If You Don’t Know Me by Now”...who’s to say no, and with Foster and his virtuoso players jumping in, the crowd relishes in a rare artistic moment. Or, just when the audience thinks the show has peaked...Foster, Seal, Urban, Clarkson and Studdard light up the stage with
a custom arrangement of the Beatles “All You Need is Love” and Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September”. That’s the Foster/EVI idea of a grand finale!

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