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        Held at the Aria in Las Vegas, the event brought together top SecOps professionals for three days of programming made-up of general session keynotes, panels and guest speakers...wide-ranging track sessions and technical training...numerous product demos at the Innovation Xpo...and an excellent networking platform.
EVI’s primary responsibilities included the Executive Producing and Producing of the Xpand and Partner Summit General Sessions...breakout room sessions...and Xpo hall sponsor management.
The team crafted a dynamic main stage set-up featuring design cues from the Trellix brand. The stage and audience configuration played on the geometric shapes of the letter X. The central stage thrust hosted keynote presenters, with platforms on either side accommodating panel discussions and demo stations. A large center LED screen showcased content, while two outboard screens balanced out the stage width and delivered Image Mag for the audience of 1,200 plus. Bridging the space between the screens were additional LED panels, which featured a collection of branded motion graphics.
The event was live-streamed to an audience of nearly 1,100 additional attendees. All content was recorded for later on-demand use.
Staging, lighting and sound were optimized and implemented to perfection by EVI’s technical team, while its lead producers and show callers flawlessly-managed the overall set-up, rehearsals and run of show.
EVI is honored to have partnered with Trellix on this highly-meaningful week of collaboration amongst the top professionals in the industry.

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