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• Creative Media Content such as an original Dream Board application, personalized emails and microsite Campaigns and online applications with correlated displays in the Salt Palace
• All elements were integrated to provide creative ways of presenting and connecting the opportunity, while emotionally raising distributor recognition at all levels.
• Produced private Reception for 1,500 attendees outside the Energy Solutions Arena with live entertainment.
Strategic Accomplishments
• EVI succeeded in meeting the
numerous strategic mandates, which included raising the level of the event from a branding, creative, technical and execution perspective.
• EVI’s Production success contributed to Nu Skin’s surpassing of its revenue goals for the Convention.
• The product launch of ageLoc was produced with powerful presentations, motivation, education, and excitement, fully engaging distributors to take action and grow their businesses.
• Nu Skin’s Social Responsibility initiatives were magnificently showcased and presented in both the Energy Solutions Arena and the Salt
Palace, creating brand reinforcement of how Nu Skin continues to help make the world a better place. Enhanced distributor motivation and passion about being part of the NuSkin team and sharing the vision with others.
• In all aspects of the convention, from Salt Palace breakouts to
the ESA extravaganzas, Nu Skin continued to connect and confirm why its brand and opportunity
are worth distributors’ career commitment, now and in the future, ultimately reinforcing distributors’ desire, focus and passion for the Nu Skin opportunity, active recruiting and added sales.

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