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 Aramark Connect 2014
As part of EVI’s strategic and experiential communications partnership with Aramark, the team recently innovated and launched a new communications platform called Aramark Connect. The platform centers on a video webcast hosted by President and CEO Eric Foss. With a production planned for each quarter, it’s a combination of virtual town hall and TV news magazine designed to inform the 270,000 Aramark employees worldwide about how the company is doing, what they are doing
and where it is going. Other objectives are to showcase key leaders, businesses and functions, recognize and celebrate great performance and create interaction throughout the organization.
The inaugural episode of Aramark Connect was taped in front of a live studio audience in Downers Grove, Illinois. The audience also comprised several hundred viewers watching in Burbank, Charlotte, Nashville and Philadelphia. After the taping, the program was made available to watch on demand from employee’s computers, tablets or smartphones.
The EVI team provided a turnkey solution...from strategic and conceptual development...creative and technical design...through complete onsite and webcast production.
The program is one among many being produced by EVI and Aramark to bolster the new Aramark brand identity and growth initiatives being implemented by Mr. Foss.

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