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2014 “One Aramark” Leadership Conference
At Aramark Corporation,’s a brand new day for dreaming...a brand new day for doing! With new CEO Eric Foss at the helm, a revitalized energy and vision is sweeping across this venerable company. In Aramark, Foss recognized a 55-year legacy of success, but also, tremendous opportunity for improvement and growth. Embracing what he viewed as a supremely worthwhile challenge, he took charge and set out on a mission to accomplish something extraordinary.
In short order, the company has
begun a complete transformation...
from a revamped operations strategy...
to an inspiring branding and identity a fresh IPO on Wall Street.
Such wide sweeping change calls for partnerships... inspired collaborators capable of sharing the vision and helping to seize the moment. With Draft FCB
out of Chicago onboard as the new advertising agency, Aramark sought out a top level communications and event production partner to help spread the word. An engaging series of meetings between top management landed EVI
a key role in Aramark’s new endeavors. EVI’s creative ideas and philosophy
of viewing communications as an extension of overall business strategy were deciding factors.
The EVI team went right to work, collaborating with Aramark executives
to create a comprehensive brand and strategy launch designed to lay out the plan in detail to the company’s frontline management. Without complete buy in from this crucially important team, the vision would have no chance of success. The mission: ignite the group with the information and motivation to become Aramark Brand Ambassadors to the more than 270,000 employees worldwide.
A series of live events culminated with
the “One Aramark Leadership Conference”, a full-blown brand launch and recognition event at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for Aramark’s top 1,800 managers.
The EVI team expertly blended a three-day program of business, team building, awards and fun into a high- powered kick-off that has helped to fully engage and transform the collective Aramark mindset.

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