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The team lit the fuse on the convention’s opening session with an uplifting performance
by R&B/Hip Hop artist Ne-Yo, featuring a hot piece of choreography with his troupe of dancers. The crowd roared their approval, but that was just a taste of things to come.
On stage at the highly anticipated concert
finale three days later, they would witness a Foster/EVI original music masterpiece featuring Foster, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Sting...
Pop Star Adam Levine of Maroon Five, Ne-Yo, winner of NBC’s “The Voice” TessAnne, Britian’s Got Talent Star Jonathan Antoine and violin virtuoso Caroline Campbell.
With Foster, custom doesn’t only mean a powerhouse gathering of artists, it also means scoring unique arrangements of every song to be performed and crafting duets, medleys and other unique performing moments for the show. Beginning with the
original charts, Foster works for weeks in advance, collaborating with each artist to weave his own special ingredient into the mix.

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