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   minimizing audio spillover into the overall environment. This unique feature delivers unequalled sound quality exactly where it is needed, while leaving other areas of the floor open for conversation and collaboration.
A marvel of technology and design, the overall impression is one of strength, passion and commitment...exactly what the team had envisioned.
The response to the project has been so positive, that EVI worked with Mr. Foss to extend the message into the area outside of his personal office and the Aramark Executive boardroom. The area is a place routinely visited by top Aramark clients. investors and important guests. New three dimensional logos fabricated of metal were installed, communicating the importance
of the overall Aramark brand, the front line first theme and the Ring of Stars program. The Ring of Stars logo itself is a photographic montage of recent winners.
The project is another example of how EVI works with its clients to leverage and extend strategic messaging across a multitude of touch points.
A powerful addition to the overall Ring of Stars initiative, employees have rallied around the new centerpiece, drawing more inspiration to become the next member of the Ring.
Walking away, the exhibit has made a clear and powerful statement... the heart and soul of Aramark lives in the people on the front lines...and under the leadership of Eric Foss... that’s where it will stay.

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