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 As you approach, the senses are struck by other
design details. It becomes apparent that this isn’t a static display, but rather, a fully interactive, living and breathing one. Two large Planar monitors come into focus, the end point display of a proprietary Aramark media network. Managed remotely by EVI software engineers, the cloud-based network showcases an array of original content. A collection of cinematic short films brings the wall to life, conveying the brand story in stunning 4k digital widescreen. Profiles of each
honoree are there as well, with actual footage of each recipient’s induction from the recognition event.
One of the monitors features touchscreen technology, allowing visitors to choose content on demand.
Over time, the media library will grow, becoming an archives of important and inspirational content.
Sound plays a major role in the exhibit’s effect. Suspended from above, and virtually invisible, a set of Secret Sound, museum-quality parabolic speakers project a focused beam of sound into the exhibit area,

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