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Ring of Stars Permanent Exhibit
For Aramark Corporation, business is won or lost on
the front lines...every day, every time and every place. Chairman, President and CEO Eric Foss puts it simply, “We’re a service company, in the people business, and it’s make or break with every customer interaction.” That’s why Foss adamantly leads the 270,000-member global team with a “Front Line First” mentality.
Venture in to an Aramark service outlet at a sporting event, university or hospital, and it’s clear that the energy has taken hold. Success is after all contagious, and the employee team takes great pride in delivering an unrivaled service experience. To keep it going, celebration and recognition are key...and the company takes extra care to acknowledge the outstanding effort. The top 200 employees are rewarded each year with
a trip to the “Ring of Stars”, a superbly produced incentive trip where they are officially inducted into an elite group. (Ring of Stars feature story)
Riding the high of the 2015 Ring of Stars production, Aramark and experiential agency Executive Visions wanted to extend the spirit of the moment, giving employees, shareholders and friends a way to join in.
A vision was conceived for a permanent showcase...
a “Hall of Stars” akin to a sports or music Hall of Fame. High above the streets of Philadelphia on
the 31st floor of corporate headquarters stands the result. Emerge from the elevator doors and one is quickly immersed into the world of the Aramark brand. Anchoring the room... a beautifully designed and crafted structure...the Ring of Stars Exhibit.
In the design and implementation of the project,
the EVI team took every factor into account.
The proportions are perfectly fitted to the overall environment, and with its curved framework and elegant materials, the structure itself draws you in. Across the room, the exhibit glows under the perfectly aimed beams of museum lighting. Highlighted
across the top, five stars align, each reinforcing a
key attribute of persons who have earned the coveted “Ring”. A foreground of gold stars floating on a pool of red stems outward from the base wall, extending the dimensionality and adding to the branding effect. The look and feel is reminiscent of the famed Hollywood Walk of Stars.

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