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Ring of Stars Recognition Event
The people who make up a company are its “Heart and Soul”. Without talented human beings to carry out visionary strategy on the front lines...success is simply theoretical. Being one
of the world’s leading service companies, no one understands that more than Aramark. With survival dependent on its more than 270,000 employees, the company is keenly focused on developing the talents of every team member...and rewarding their accomplishments.
Recognition events are a cornerstone of Aramark and EVI’s
event production strategy, and the annual “Ring of Stars” is
the ultimate expression. Honoring Aramark’s top 250 employees, the 2015 Ring of Stars traveled to the beautiful Arizona desert for a week of recognition, celebration and relaxation.
As with every Aramark event, EVI took full production accountability...from strategic development and project management, to program design and creative media production, to staging and technical, to complete on-site execution.
Honorees were treated to a full complement of activities.
A motivational session provided executive leadership and a
guest keynote the opportunity to address the group as one, acknowledging their heroic efforts and encouraging them to climb even higher. To open the session, EVI’s creative team produced
a short film titled “Heart and Soul”, a cinematic portrayal and celebration of what it means to make it to the ring.
Pouring fuel on the fire, an imaginative set of live interstitials featuring “The Passing Zone” delivered mind-blowing entertainment and punctuated key messages.

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