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  From there, it was back to his Santa Monica studio, where the maestro worked his ground breaking arrangements of acoustic and electronic sounds to stunning effect.
Like many youth of his generation, the composer grew up an ardent boxing fan. “There was a time”, Zimmer noted,
“that everyone, European as well as American, knew who the champion of the world was. I wanted to give a musical voice to honor these real-life heroes and athletes. When I heard what PBC was doing to bring boxing back to its proper status, I was very passionate about getting involved.”
Adds Marto, “When Mr. Zimmer and I began discussing ideas, he kept coming back to the thought that the audience must feel exactly what it’s like to be fighting someone in the ring...the power...the punches...the triumph ...the tragedy.”
“I’ve spent 30 years working with the biggest musicians in the world, and working with Hans Zimmer was one of the most gratifying experiences I’ve had. On top of his musical genius, he is the consummate gentleman and professional at all levels. He poured every ounce of his being into bringing this soundtrack to life...and it shows with every note.”
The new theme, with its myriad versions, can be heard as the driving musical signature of Premier Boxing Champions on 45 primetime broadcasts across five networks...
NBC, CBS, ESPN, Spike and NBCSN.

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