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  Premier Boxing Champions Primetime with Hans Zimmer
Boxing’s new soundtrack puts you “In the Ring”
Oscar and Grammy Award-winning composer Hans Zimmer, the man who delivered the unforgettable soundtracks to The Lion King, Gladiator, and Inception among dozens of other films, has crafted a score unlike any other for Premier Boxing Champions.
With branded thematic music a key part of the mission to craft a dramatic experiential environment for the new boxing series, EVI chief and PBC Executive Producer Michael Marto knew it was “go big or go home”. With an entre from long time collaborator David Foster, Marto spent an evening telling Zimmer the compelling story of PBC’s plan to bring boxing back to the forefront of sport. From that first conversation, Zimmer was hooked and enthusiastically jumped on board.
Zimmer’s idea for the score germinated with a visit to Ten Goose Boxing Gym in Van Nuys, California, where the powerful and rhythmic sounds of gloves hitting flesh and leather became his vision for a driving percussion track. Boxers pounding heavy bags and speed bags were recorded real time at the gym and used on the actual mix.
After composing an epic melodic theme on top of the boxing sounds, Zimmer was off to London to record the orchestral score at Sir George Martin’s famous AIR Studios. The sounds blazing off of the track are from the brass and stings of Zimmer’s handpicked favorites from the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic and the London Sessions Orchestra.

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