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   Says Marto, “We believe if we’re going to turn this sport back into something that resonates with the coveted 18-49 television audience, the viewing experience has to be extraordinary, like the NFL or the Olympic games. To do that, of course, you have to start with great fights. But it’s also everything we’ve built around the fights that creates a completely immersive experience, one that works for the live audience, and translates directly to the television audience as well. This is the new modern Gladiator Dome and it is wrapped with modern technology. Your senses will be engaged right from the start.“
Hanging high above the arena floor is an imposing LED scoreboard, surrounded by two colossal ringed built of hi-res LED panels for dramatic visual effect, and another to support the hundreds of intelligent lighting instruments and 32 HD cameras to track the fight from all angles.
Entering the arena, fighters emerge onto a giant stage, referred to as the “Wall of Thunder”... surrounded by lights, LED panels and a cascading walkway that leads down to the arena floor.

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