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   Premier Boxing Champions Live Event and Network Broadcast Series
There was a time...when every kid knew
the names of the best fighters in the world. Ali...Frazier...Leonard...Duran. Boxing was primetime...and the world came to a standstill with the sound of the opening bell. Young and old gathered ‘round...glued to the action with voices like Cosell and McKay making the call.
Thirty years have gone by since the last network primetime televised bout...but in 2015 the game is changing. Championship boxing is back in primetime...and it has a new name... Premier Boxing Champions (PBC). The PBC was created for television by Haymon Boxing and is set to deliver boxing back to the masses in a way like never before
Boxing is the original king of combat sports... but after thirty years of pay per
do you bring these great athletes back front and take their rightful place as mainstream legends.
To make PBC stick...they had to put the best fighters in the ring, packaged with a modern day television and live arena experience like nothing else in sports.
With over thirty years of producing complex integrated platforms combining live event production and network broadcast, Marto is one of a few with the credits for such an endeavor. Sizing up the challenge, he methodically assembled a PBC dream team including... broadcast and live experience designer
Bruce Rodgers of Tribe Design, a star in the world of Super Bowl Halftime shows and major rock shows... audio visionary Mario Educate, founder of Onstage Audio and Media Solutions... Lighting Designer John Featherstone of Lightswitch...and set fabricator Eric Eastland of All Access.
Collaborating with PBC and network executives, Marto and the team dug-in to create an experience to match PBC’s grand vision.
     PBC struck deals for 40 dates...all to be broadcast live across
5 networks...NBC, CBS, ESPN, NBCSN, and Spike. Along with the broadcast design, a travelling live venue experience had to be created... the equivalent of mounting a major rock and roll tour. With the first fight drawing near, the team quickly brought on one of the nation’s leading executive producers, Michael Marto of Executive Visions Inc.

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