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  David Foster Foundation
2015 Miracle Gala and Concert
A glimmering fall sun drops over the skies of Toronto, painting the skyline in perfect silhouette. The city’s architecture is a striking blend of classic and modern...sleek glass and steel against brick and stone. The last rays spotlight an iconic Toronto structure...the Historic Maple Leaf Gardens, which tonight, has been transformed into a performing venue for a Canadian musical master. Sixteen-time Grammy winner David Foster is in town. The occasion: the 25th Annual David Foster Foundation Miracle Gala and Concert. The goal: raise six million dollars to fuel one of the nation’s most important philanthropic endeavors.
The centerpiece of the evening is a star-studded concert, and there’s a special buzz in the air about the artists who have gathered to perform.
In typical Foster style, the music line-up is also
a mix of classic and modern. Stevie Wonder is here. Michael Bolton is here... and the great voice of the group Chicago, Peter Cetera is on board. Breaking Canadian artist Kiesza is on the bill, along with modern instrumental virtuosos Caroline Campbell and William Joseph. And...adding a big comic punch to the mix...Sinbad is back!

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