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 Playing out the New.Next theme, the guest keynote was revolutionary thinker and author Malcolm Gladwell. With acclaimed books like Blink, The Tipping Point and Outliers, Mr. Gladwell provokes disruptive thinking and idea generation beneficial for societal and cultural advancement. His presentation was highly on point for this gathering of experts who reside on the leading edge of technological change.
Supporting the general sessions, a multitude of track sessions provided a deep dive into the technology and products, and offered
a dynamic platform for idea exchange and collaboration.
Rounding out the program, a multitude of Intel Security strategic partners showcased their unique parts of the equation in a sophisticated technology exhibit.
The Focus Security Conference presents a unique platform for Intel Security to present to and interact with more than 3,500 of its top enterprise customers. The partnership with EVI has created a formula that helps enhance those crucial relationships and generates a forum for ideas that continue leading to the NEW...and the NEXT frontiers in the world of cyber security.

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