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Intel Security
Focus 15 Security Conference
With the transition of the McAfee brand to Intel Security complete, the Focus 15 Security Conference turned the spotlight on the NEW...and the NEXT, words symbolic of the new corporate structure, but more importantly, of how Intel is aggressively pushing the forefront of digital security.
Each year, the digital threat landscape increases exponentially, and Intel Security not only keeps pace, but also stays a step ahead of cyber criminals with
an elite team of analysts, developers and engineers. There is no more relevant issue in today’s corporate boardrooms, and CTO’s flock to the annual conference in ever increasing numbers to collaborate and gather first hand information about how to protect their companies’ data and digital infrastructure.
As noted in previous case studies, Executive Visions helped originate the Focus Conference back in 2008 and continues to partner with Intel Security as the event’s turnkey producer and project manager. It’s an all-encompassing role that keeps the team involved year round.
Event Strategy, Project Management, Program Design and Development, Staging and Technical, Creative Visuals and Content and On-Site Show Producing are all part of the team’s responsibility.
Held at the Venetian Palazzo Congress Center in
Las Vegas, the cornerstone of the event is a two-day general session featuring key executives’ delivery of vital information about strategy, technological advances and the Intel Security product pipeline. The EVI creative and technical teams lay out a beautiful and technically advanced platform for the session,
creating an environment of complete audience immersion. Every second of the program is crafted
to perfection, with the sights, sounds and content producing a highly contemporary and seamless display of corporate theater.
New to this year’s stage was a massive 18’ x 80’, 3.9mm LED wall, delivering content and capturing the audience’s imagination with richness and intensity. Outboard image mag screens, custom pixel mapped structures and artistic LED panels created an edge-to- edge palette of design to support the messaging and beautifully portray the Intel Security brand.

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