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   With home plate as the speaker position,
a select group of Aramark employees enjoyed the program from the first few rows. The dramatic backdrop was great fun for the in-person attendees, but also gave a sense of pride to webcast viewers about the high-profile arenas in which the company operates.
Multiple camera angles, including an overhead drone cam, gave a beautiful look and feel to the program.
The Aramark Connect webcasts are taped in front of live audiences at locations strategic to Aramark business. Audiences also include several thousand viewers watching and
participating via live Q&A from remote locations. After the taping, the programs are made available to watch on demand from employee’s computers, tablets and smartphones.
The EVI team provides a turnkey solution,
from strategic and conceptual development, to creative and technical design, through complete onsite and webcast production.
The program is one among many being produced by EVI and Aramark to bolster the Aramark brand identity and growth initiatives.

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