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Aramark Connect at Coors Field
As part of its experiential communications partnership with Aramark, in 2016 EVI continued
its turnkey production of Aramark Connect. The platform for this internal communications tool is
a quarterly video webcast hosted by President and CEO Eric Foss. The event is a combination town
hall and TV news magazine designed to bring the 270,000 Aramark employees worldwide up to date on what is happening within the company and across the industry. The program also showcases company leadership, key businesses and functions, recognizes and celebrates great performance, and creates excellent interaction throughout the organization.
One of Aramark’s key service areas is providing game day food services at major stadiums in the professional and collegiate sports industries. Teams like the Philadelphia Eagles, Chicago Bears and Colorado Rockies rely on Aramark to enrich the game day experience for their fans.
There’s nothing like the dramatic environment of
a Major League ballpark filled to the rafters with
fans on game day, but even when not filled with people, they are stunningly beautiful as pieces of architecture in their own right. As a creative twist
for the 2016 Q3 Aramark Connect event, the team took advantage of a key Aramark venue and produced the webcast live from Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies Major League Baseball Team.

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