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 The general session features a heavy hitting
list of guest speakers with some of the most interesting and relevant viewpoints on the global scene...Professor Gary Hamel, Business Strategy Leader and Author...David Novak, Former Executive Chairman, Yum! Brands...
Liz Wiseman, Leadership Consultant...Deborah Roberts, ABC News and 20/20 Correspondent... Norman Ornstein, Political Analyst and Scholar, American Enterprise Institute...and Col. Greg Gadson, U.S. Army (Retired).
The program was a diverse mix of individual lectures, coupled with moderated discussions amongst multiple speakers and Aramark executives. Filled with point and counterpoint, the sessions produce a highly thought
provoking look at the realities, challenges and responsibilities of being a leader in contemporary life and business.
Afterwards, attendees participated in teambuilding activities and took time to enjoy plenty of fun camaraderie with their colleagues and friends. Recognition was also a key component, and the event was capped off by the “Stars of Excellence” Awards Dinner.
Departing Las Vegas, the key leadership of Aramark have built the foundation of a deeper, more inspired leadership capability and enjoy a heightened motivation that will enhance every facet of their performance.
The 2016 Aramark Leadership of many important moments in the year-round matrix of events produced together by Aramark and Executive Visions.

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