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 One of the key tools in the plan is the Aramark Leadership Summit. Each year, 250 of Aramark’s top management come together with the mission of growing and developing their leadership talents to the fullest.
The 2016 Summit found the team gathering at Red Rocks Casino, Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. Partnering with Mr. Foss and Tod MacKenzie, Aramark Senior Vice President Corporate Communications and Public Affairs, the Executive Visions producing team is responsible for every detail of the elite event...from the event strategy and all creative and technical... through complete onsite management and execution.
Along with insights into corporate strategy,
the Summit is designed to emphasize a blend
of internal and external factors impacting
the industry, providing a holistic, big-picture viewpoint. Social and cultural influences, shifting technological trends, economic and political conditions... all important factors in shaping the Aramark business environment. By learning to position the company in a broader context, the strategic thinking and everyday actions of every manager will evolve, helping push Aramark to
the forefront of its industry and the business community at large.
The meeting environment itself is a contemporary, high-powered executive setting. With its enveloping theatrical set, a widescreen LED backdrop loaded with original media, and a sprawling arrangement of plush leather chairs, it feels like a place reserved for top leaders. The vibe is highly symbolic of the importance of these managers and the crucial role each of them plays.

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