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EVI helps you maximize the performance of your company’s most valued resource: people. In order to perform at peak potential, employees need finely-tuned training materials focused on their needs. Our instructional designers, writers and producers use a variety of approaches to develop programs that meet the needs and objectives of each program, from simple how-to instruction to complex business skills.
 We take each project through
a thorough development process, including:
• Situation Analysis
• Budgeting
• Creative Approach
• Content Research,
Synthesis, Development
• Instructional and
Courseware Design
• Scripting, Writing
• Production
• Authoring
• Testing
• Mastering
• Packaging and Distribution
• Program Implementation
• Monitoring and Feedback
Whatever the appropriate training method... from print, video, and interactive electronic workshops, certification and incentive programs...EVI will deliver a winning formula of knowledge, skills and motivation to meet your objectives.

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