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Several general sessions were produced as focal points of the event. The sessions provided a dynamic mix of recognition, executive keynotes, guest speakers and special entertainment. The sessions were highly motivational and served as encouragement for each and every honoree to pursue their goals to the limit.
To open the session, EVI’s creative team produced a short film titled “Heart and Soul”, a cinematic portrayal and celebration of what it means to make it to the ring.
This year’s special guest speaker was Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger of “Miracle on the Hudson” fame.
Serving as dynamic entertainment during transitional moments, the renowned “Passing Zone” performed their unique brand of juggling while reinforcing key messages.
After a full day of inspirational general sessions, the group lived it up large at “Viva Las Vegas” night at the Omnia Night Club on the Las Vegas Strip. Omnia Night Club on the Las Vegas Strip. Front and center was a private performance by the iconic comedian and log- time host of “The Tonight Show”...Jay Leno!

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