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       For one key recognition session, a “Scenes of the World” treatment paid homage to the cultural heritage of attending nationalities. China, Japan, Korea and the USA were all represented via originally choreographed theatrical numbers, supported by dramatic visuals on the LED surfaces. The scenes created a grand entrance for the thousands of honorees taking the stage a la an Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Similarly, EVI creative directors themed another recognition session around the Broadway Megahits “Mama Mia”, “Hairspray”, “Wicked” and “Lion King”.
Business sessions were uniquely wrapped with transitional entertainment from a long list of creative elements, including DJ Trinidad handling the
pre-show festivities, recording artist Fresh Big Mouf,
the remarkable El Gamma from “Asia’s Got Talent”,
the exciting Utah Jazz Dunk Squad, the Green Man Group Drum Line, the Summerwind Skippers, the Future Lab Video Personality and the BDMS Dance Group.
The audience was also brought into the act, helping
turn the entire arena into an interactive light show via Xylobands programmed to the show.
Nu Skin challenged EVI to help advance its decades long success with an event that would educate, motivate and entertain its worldwide distributors, enabling them to systematically renew the vibrancy of the business opportunity. Together with Nu Skin leadership, the vision of an aligned and inspired sales force was fully realized.

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