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  Nu Skin
2015 Global Convention
As one of the world’s top direct selling organizations, Nu Skin has reason to celebrate. With a stream of innovative anti-aging products and a network of extraordinary achievers, the company has built a multi-billion dollar brand, and with the industry set to grow more than $20 billion between 2013 and 2018, optimism for the future runs high.
At the 2015 Nu Skin Global Convention, Salt Lake City’s Energy Solutions Arena was filled to the rafters with true believers...15,000 of them from every corner of the world. The massive gathering happens once every two years, and for the third consecutive time, the Executive Visions producing team was at the controls.
An army of EVI’s top producers, writers, choreographers, artists and technicians hunkered-down for a grueling ten-day pull, capping off an eighteen-month production journey. Fueled by a tour-style catering operation, multiple teams worked around the clock... rigging, crafting, prepping and rehearsing six intensive general sessions.
The event objectives were numerous and diverse: Product Launches showcasing the expansion of Nu Skin’s flagship ageLOC brand...Business Sessions with strategic messaging from the Founders and top executives...and most important...waves of Recognition Events celebrating the stars of the
Nu Skin distribution force.

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