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Consider the stage itself...stretching 210 feet
across and wrapping the audience into an immersive theatrical environment. Designed with a combination of HD LED panels and projection surfaces, the
set arced and curved forming a dramatic flow of visual surround. The 16’ x 80’ primary presentation wall framed the speakers, standing as a sweeping curve of glorious 3.9mm LED luminance and resolution. Image mag screens extended left and right, personalizing the view. From there, curved
and elongated surround screens wrapped the audience, bordered top and bottom by dramatic
LED trim screens. These outer surfaces displayed a combination of keynote support, real time “tweets” and pure visual art. All in all, the set contained 3,278 square feet of media canvas,
boasting 13.2 million pixels.
The screen matrix was controlled by Watchout and D3 media servers, fed by a range of inputs including video, motion graphics, Powerpoint presentations, live software demos, photo jpeg content, live camera feeds and social media.
Lighting and sound were designed and implemented by EVI’s elite concert touring team, providing an audience experience unmatched in the industry.

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