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  Motion Industries
2017 North American Sales Meeting
Motion Industries and Executive Visions partner to “Change the Game” with the 2017 North American Sales Meeting. Nashville, TN
With annual sales of $5.0 billion, Motion Industries is a leading North American industrial parts distributor. Boasting over 530 locations,
and 13 distribution centers, Motion Industries serves more than 300,000 customers from the food and beverage, pulp and paper, iron and steel, chemical, mining and aggregate, petrochemical, automotive, wood and lumber, and pharmaceutical industries.
Motion Industries sets the industry standard in all areas of operation, but it’s with the company’s elite 1,850-member sales force where the rubber truly meets the road. The North American Sales Meeting presents a crucially important opportunity to ensure that every aspect of this sales juggernaut is running at optimal levels.
With the 2017 meeting approaching, the executive team determined that change was in order...that the time and place to reach for new heights...was now. The first step in that direction was to team-up with experiential agency Executive Visions. The team quickly embraced and
created solutions for the stated objectives: Align Employees, Create Mindshare, Educate, Ignite Passion, Inspire and Motivate the Sales Force... in a phrase...Drive Sales Results!
Right off the bat, Motion Industries established the mindset with a dynamic theme that would clearly lay down the challenge for attendees:
“Game Changers...Don’t Just Play the Game. Change the Game.”
That theme served as the creative thread of a robust visual package that branded the meeting top to bottom. The team created an explosion of media and graphics that included walk-in and transition motion media, keynote presentations and thematic motivational videos.
  The media was served-up in an impressive and immersive environment featuring a massive, curved 90’ x 20’ cinematic widescreen. A beautiful diamond shaped stage thrust-out from the screen into the audience, creating a superb platform for engagement. This motivational setting of staging, media, lights and sound served as the foundation for a no holds barred three-
day experience. Accustomed to a traditional ballroom look and feel, attendee expectations were completely transformed upon entering the highly-theatrical and immersive environment. That sophisticated and contemporary impression paved the way for vital messaging about Motion Industry’s intention to transform the industry by incorporating technology and progressive thinking into their sales tools.

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