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2017 Ring of Stars Recognition Event
Of the numerous events produced each year
by EVI and Aramark, the annual Ring of
Stars celebration is a favorite. This October gathering in the Arizona desert represents the culmination of a great year of projects, but more important, is symbolic of what Aramark is all about...the 270,000 employees who toe the front lines with every sunrise to create millions of customer impressions...or as President and CEO Eric Foss likes to say, the all-important “Moments of Truth”.
To wear the colors of Aramark is a badge of honor. The team is infused with a spirit of heart and soul...backed by a “dream it-do it” mindset...and the Ring of Stars is designed to recognize the 250 employees who best embody everything the company stands for. If you’ve made it to the ring, you’re indeed
in elite company, and that’s exactly the way it feels from the minute the honorees touch down at the JW Marriott Desert Ridge outside of Phoenix.
A regal welcome reception sets the tone.
The emotion builds...the anticipated moment arrives. A call to order sets the legendary Parade of Stars in motion, leading the way into a regal Gala which serves as the inspiring backdrop for the Ring induction ceremony. Each person takes his rightful place on stage, a crowning moment representing years of dedication and sacrifice.

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