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   EVI producers framed the conference with an
open and imaginative set design. A surround configuration placed the presenters right in the middle of the action, creating an immersive, stadium-type atmosphere. A long and angular stage running nearly the length of the room riffed on the shape and angles of the new McAfee logo. The configuration allowed the stage to be treated as distinct zones, with various parts becoming active depending on the content being delivered. Keynote presenters migrated the full length of the stage, creating a sense of connection with all members
of the audience. At times, sections of the stage were treated as pods, allowing easy and interesting transitions to technical demonstrations and onstage conversations. Lighting was used creatively to track speaker movement along the stage, producing a dramatic sense flow and energy.
Each side of the room featured a massive 12’ x 80’ widescreen. Content was mirrored on each side, allowing clear visibility from any seating position. Both ends of the set were anchored with large 3-D replicas of the McAfee shield logo backed by LED panels. These “end-zone” treatments completed the immersive environment and stood as an ever-present reinforcement of the power and strength of the new McAfee brand.
EVI collaborated with multiple agencies and teams to design and produce a full slate of creative media...from branded motion graphics, to keynote presentations...thematic opening videos...customer a final documentary/highlights video that was shot and edited real time and used to open the final general session.

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