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MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit
Corporate Events Management and Production
2017 was a milestone year for McAfee. No longer Intel Security, McAfee became a fully independent company. As one of the largest cybersecurity companies, they are committed
to staying ahead of adversaries who threaten
our digital world. As a focused, agile and independent provider, their mission is to empower their customers and partners to protect, detect and to respond to cyber threats faster and more effectively than ever.
McAfee understands that no one person, product, or organization can fight cybercrime alone. Only by working together can solutions be found for today’s greatest digital challenge. “Together is Power” has become the new mantra. It is what they believe and what they are committed to.
Reflective of this theme, in 2017 McAfee re-branded its industry leading customer conference as the MPOWER Cybersecurity Summit.
At the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas, the meaning behind MPOWER was on full display as McAfee partnered with Executive Visions to produce the industry’s first on-demand, face-to-face event.
At MPOWER, the 3,000 global attendees shaped the agenda together to focus on those things that were most important to them and their businesses.

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