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   The grand finale of Nu Skin Live! was EVI’s debut of its exclusive “The Power of Music...and Evening with Hans Zimmer”. As event producers, EVI’s mission has always been to engage audiences with dynamic frameworks that eclipse expectations
by creating unexpected and inspirational live experiences. Believing strongly in the power of music as an emotional driver, we are passionate about creating custom platforms that bring the world’s top performing artists to the stage in ways that have never been done.
The Nu Skin Global Convention proved to be the perfect opportunity for the debut of the Hans Zimmer Experience. It doesn’t get any more “prime time” than closing night at the Vivint Arena with
15,000 in attendance. After three days of insanely high-energy conventioneering, the closing event had to be “off the charts”, and very little is potentially more compelling than the dramatic sights and sounds of the world’s best cinematic art.
Performing custom arrangements from his legendary body of work, Zimmer took the audience on an odyssey to the far reaches of his imagination... unveiled through the swelling sounds of the orchestra accompanied by cinematic widescreen imagery. Scenes from the featured films were carefully chosen and portrayed onscreen to showcase a glimpse of Mr. Zimmer’s unimaginably extensive creative range. The show was a bold
and mind-boggling retrospective of Mr. Zimmer’s compositional repertoire.

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