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Numerous aspects of Nu Skin Live warrant individual case studies, and links to those
are included below. But, following are a few descriptive highlights of the diverse range components produced by EVI, NU Skin and the extended team.
A Dynamic and Ongoing Social Media Campaign promoted and enhanced every aspect of Nu Skin Live!
The Provo Experience and Innovation Center Tours immersed distributors into the heart of the Nu Skin Campus and Operation.
The Product Experience Area and Product Store showcased the full range of innovative Nu Skin products while providing education workshops, hands-on demonstrations and product acquisition opportunities.
The Force for Good Foundation Gala celebrated the accomplishments of Nu Skin’s world-leading charitable organization while creating a platform for giving. Giving was further enabled around the world via an interactive donation app. Nu Skin distributors thrive in a culture of success, love and giving back. It’s a mindset that fosters a worldview benefiting all of humankind.

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