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   With just under a one-year lead time, the strategic, creative and technical challenges
were imposing...yet the end result was indeed
a benchmark in experiential event production. Nu Skin and EVI collaborated intensively as a seamless unit, challenging every assumption and pushing ideas to the very limit.
By the time the show date arrived, the experience footprint stretched out across the host location of Salt Lake City, Utah and reached southward to the sparkling Nu Skin complex in Provo. The matrix
of compelling activities and functions kept the distributor/attendees on the move from morning until night, soaking-in the full spectrum of the Nu Skin experience.
Three primary venues ran full tilt for the duration of the event...the spectacular Vivint Smart Home Arena, the historic Salt Palace Convention Center and the afore-mentioned Nu Skin Headquarters. The EVI and Nu Skin producing team took control of the venues a week in advance of the show open, supported by hundreds of the production industry’s elite artists and technicians.
Of special note, with each raising of the curtain at Vivint Arena, EVI was producing two simultaneous events...a live audience production...and a full network style webcast. Staging, lighting and sound were leading-edge in every way. Broadcast design, engineering and creative direction were expertly produced by EVI’s award-winning broadcast television team, who collectively captured every moment with 21 high-definition cameras.

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