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  Nu Skin Live!
2017 Global Convention
Nu Skin and Executive Visions... Defining Partnership at the Highest Level
For nearly a decade, Nu Skin and EVI have been on a quest. With three successful Nu Skin Global conventions under their belts, the team remains in relentless pursuit of the pinnacle and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams. With every success comes celebration...but more importantly, keen assessment and a commitment to raising the bar.
One of the primary goals for advancement of the 2017 convention was to drive participation of and generate Nu Skin distributorships within the millennial demographic. Tailored to that objective,
the team’s inspired vision took the form of Nu Skin Live...the
You Revolution! The concept was to create a three-day festival atmosphere a la SXSW, featuring a non-stop and diverse flow of experiences for the 15,000 global distributors in attendance. Elite musical entertainment was a big part of the mix, with two massive one-off concerts at a sold out Vivint Smart Home Arena, the first featuring pop icon Maroon 5, and then a closing night extravaganza featuring the genius of famed movie composer Hans Zimmer. With a youthful energy, the experience maintained a careful balance of appeal to all demographics. Equally as important as the live event was the need to translate the experience in a vibrant way to a global webcast audience comprised mainly of young viewers, which EVI accomplsihed by serving up network quality content with its broadcast production team.

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