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 Drawing on his vast personal experiences, Zimmer weaves together a narrative of how he created these musical masterworks. From a melodic thought or rhythmic idea... to the full expression on the silver screen, he shares insights into his unique world... revealing the creative and technical challenges of producing some of the most emotionally engaging moments in cinema.
As the story progresses, parallels to the audience’s world naturally emerge...common topics like idea generation... innovation...collaboration...the creative process... persistence...overcoming obstacles...challenges....and realization of success. Relating to the audience in this way brings them fully into the experience as co-conspirators.
At the end of the day, the audience is entertained in a way never before experienced, having been immersed into the creative world that is Hans Zimmer. But equally as important, they are opened-up to new ways of thinking...inspired to create and problem solve on a different level within their own worlds.
This is “The Hans Zimmer Experience”, produced and brought to private and corporate audiences exclusively by Executive Visions & RCI Global, LLC.
The creative and technical lighting design defies description and has been the subject of two industry feature articles:
Article 1: Projection, Staging, Lighting News (PSLN) Article 2: Live Design

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