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   Speaking of noteworthy events...The Nu Skin 2017 Global Convention in Salt Lake City was one of the most complex and intensive productions EVI has undertaken...and it proved to be the perfect opportunity for the debut of “The Hans Zimmer Experience”. It doesn’t get any more “prime time” than closing night at the Vivint Smart Home Arena with 15,000 in attendance, and many more watching the Live Stream all over the world! After three days of insanely high-energy conventioneering, the closing event had to be
“off the charts”, and very little is potentially more compelling than the dramatic sights and sounds of the world’s best cinematic art.
The Experience
From a completely dark and quiet arena...a percussive rhythm emerges and builds...positive and anticipatory. The arena begins to awaken... revealing the sights and sounds of an immersive, imaginary world. The visual and auditory environment grows and swells...the melody steadily building, then complemented one instrument after another to form the popular theme from “Driving Miss Daisy”. A full ensemble is revealed ...then,
in the midst of it all...the maestro himself...Hans Zimmer, takes the stage.
Hans Zimmer... front and center stage on his piano... surrounded by his band of 20 virtuoso musicians, plus members of the famed Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Utah Symphony, in all over 70 incredible musicians. An immense floor to ceiling, edge to edge configuration of LED screens envelops Mr. Zimmer, the orchestra and the audience. Let’s just say it launches the experience into an other worldly realm of visual stimulation. And the collaborative artistry of EVI and Zimmer’s sound teams magically transform the cavernous arena into the sound of a glorious theater.
Inside of this intensive platform, Mr. Zimmer leads the audience on a 90-minute journey... from his earliest inspirations... to his heralded position at the summit of film score composition.
Performing custom arrangements from his legendary body of work, Zimmer takes the
audience on an odyssey to the far reaches of
his imagination...unveiled through the swelling sounds of the orchestra accompanied by cinematic widescreen imagery. Scenes from the featured films are carefully chosen and portrayed onscreen to showcase a glimpse of Mr. Zimmer’s unimaginably extensive creative range.
The Dark Knight...Wonder Woman...Crimson Tide... Sherlock Holmes...Madagascar...Driving Miss Daisy...Pirates of the Caribbean...Gladiator...
The Da Vinci Code...The Lion King... a bold and mind-boggling retrospective of Mr. Zimmer’s compositional repertoire.

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