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 From the opening beat, the high-energy expectation for the night was realized with a performance by the South Atlanta High School Hornet Drum Corps.
There is no better example on the planet of creating opportunity than Atlanta’s Ron Clarke Academy. Its transformative educational methods and techniques are embraced and replicated everywhere. On this evening, 30 of the Academy’s finest performed a rousing song and dance routine, setting the tone for the entertainment ahead.
For the headline entertainment, EVI President and CEO Michael Marto created a perfect match for the event’s emotional atmosphere and Chick- fil-A’s organizational culture by calling in long- time collaborator, Martina McBride. Martina
and her husband John McBride produced and arranged a custom acoustic set of the country music icon’s biggest hits to the enthusiastic delight of the audience.
True Inspiration...True Collaboration. In the afterglow of a hugely successful evening... a collection of inspired moments to celebrate accomplishment...carry forth a legacy...and foster next level ideas on how to be our best.

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