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Global Sales Kick-Off 2018
Corporate Events Management and Production
Experiential events take on many shapes and sizes. Although most events produced by the EVI team involve large gatherings of people at a destination, there are times when that solution isn’t practical, or even desirable.
McAfee’s Virtual Sales Kick-Off is a prime example. The sales force for the major internet security
firm is scattered across the globe, and the goal
is to launch each new sales year in a way that communicates in an engaging and motivating way without interrupting the sales process.
In cases like SKO, EVI uses its experience in broadcast television, taking the message to the global audience via network style webcasts. Just as with many of the EVI-produced Aramark Connect series of webcasts, the team took advantage of the client’s in-house theater, this time at the McAfee sales headquarters in Plano, Texas.

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