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With Perry taking her bows and the crowd at a fever pitch, EVI and Foster could have called it a night... game, set and match. But this is a producing team famous for having more up their collective sleeves, and tonight is no exception. Time to pull the trigger on one of rock and roll’s greatest legends, and without delay, the creative juggernaut that is Steven Tyler literally takes over the arena. “Commanding” only begins to describe the effect Tyler has on an audience. His presence is otherworldly, and of course, his inventive brand of music has landed him in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
There are many reasons that Steven Tyler is an EVI favorite, but, here is perhaps the most rewarding. An artist of Tyler’s status could easily get away with a mail-in performance. But, spend five minutes with the man, and one quickly realizes that is not what Steven Tyler is about. This is a human being that puts every fiber of his being into every show. He loves being on stage...he loves the music. One senses that he appreciates the place of his music in history and insists on it being delivered to perfection. During rehearsals, he brings a level of passion, detail and
a gentlemanly demeanor that are highly revealing
of his success. His interaction with David and the David Foster band (the best studio musicians in the world), is a pleasure to observe. Tyler is a musician’s musician, and takes great satisfaction in tapping the talent on deck to arrange the great music of Aerosmith in a highly custom way for this show.
Every facet of Tyler’s performance is in fine tune...
the iconic vocals, the famous stage movement, the interaction with the audience and his fellow musicians. “Cryin’”...”Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”...”Sweet Emotion”. It’s a super-size dose of Rock and Roll Nirvana that grows with every note. Tyler even takes over the piano for a unique version of “Dream On”, calling on Caroline Campbell to play some wicked lead violin.
As If there were room to raise the show any higher, Tyler and Foster then hit the pocket with the closer of closers, “Walk This Way”. Tyler jams the song with extended guitar and drum solos before belting the final verse. As the song by one...the entire cast joins the finale...Katy Perry, Peter Cetera, Pia Tuscano, Shelea and Chloe...surrounded by 16,000 of McDonald’s finest pressing the stage.
After two and a half hours, the full arc of a David Foster masterpiece comes to an end. Once again, the arena goes quiet, save the buzz of the lingering crowd... depleted, but eager to share their experiences with one another. Backstage...the artists and musicians gather and exchange greetings. They, too, thrive on this rare type of collaboration and revel with observations about the night’s performance.
For McDonald’s, David Foster and EVI, it’s another celebrated accomplishment in a thirty- year span of history-making performances together.

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